A new History of Others publication: History According to Cattle

History According to Cattle
Edited by: Laura Gustafsson, Terike Haapoja
Publishers: Into Publishing, punctum books, History of Others

The world history is written by winners: humans. Still, history includes a multiplicity of agents and processes: other animals, natural forces, microbes and cosmic events, whose perspectives have remained invisible to the recorders of the triumph of human progress.

History of Others is proud to announce the launch of its first publication. History According to Cattle is an expanded account of the acclaimed History of Other’s first major installment, The Museum of the History of Cattle (2013). The volume presents the history of one of the most important companion species of humans, cattle, as if seen from the bovine perspective. The connections of animal rights issues with violations of human rights become visible while investigating the situation of indigenous populations, the development of genetics or industrialization through the eyes of this silent, ever present companion. Both tragic and humorous, History According to Cattle portrays humans as a species mesmerized by its own image.

The publication includes full presentation of the research and visual material of the museum, with contextualizing essays by art historian Anne Aurasmaa, philosopher Elisa Aaltola, theorist Kirs Forkasiewizc, and researcher Radhika Subramaniam. The hard cover, high quality publication is available from Into Publishing and History of Others. An open-access e-book is available from punctum books.

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History of Others: Laura Gustafsson, Terike Haapoja

Graphic Design:
Mia Kivinen

Noora Geagea
Jori Gustafsson (p.72–81)
Terike Haapoja

Mike Garner
Silja Kudel (p.106–109)

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Museum of the History of Cattle exhibition, Helsinki 2013

Kaj Chydenius, Aleksi Eeben, Hannu Hauta-aho, Karry Hedberg, Katarina Hägg, Laura Hänninen, Into Kustannus, Taija Kaarlenkaski, Tuomas Karemo, Leena Krohn, Laura Malmivaara,Leena Mänkäri, Tuomas Nevanlinna, Maura Nurmi, Antti Nylén, Oikeutta Eläimille, Anna Oksa, Pietu Pietiäinen, Zoltan Popovits, Maija Päivärinta, Niko Rissanen, Erja Salmenkivi, Perttu Saksa, Sonja Sidoroff, Anni Sinnemäki, Juha Suomi, Ella Tahkolahti, Ulla Taipale, Pirkko Taurén,Niila Vasama, Paula Vesala, Mikko Virmajoki, Janne Vuorinen, Iina Wahlström & Sarka, Zodiak

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Outi Herrainsilta and Arttu Kurttila, interviewees: Kari Elo, Jarmo Juga, Kalle Maijala, Satu Raussi

History According to Cattle  publication
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